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1918 – The Great War rages. Allied and Central Powers locked in a conflict unlike any the world has ever seen. And, in the midst of it, Daniel Restarick, soldier and operative for the mysterious Room 40, behind the barrel of a gun that could end the war, once and for all. 

1928 – 10 years following the Allied loss, Daniel is as broken as the world in which he lives. The Kaiser’s Empire covers Europe and beyond, with dark forces gathering to wipe out the last remnants of resistance. 

This isn’t the way it should have been. 

It needs to be set right.


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In Elliot Thorpe’s novel World War When we’re given grim glimpses of a world where the Allies failed to win World War I. He expands his fascinating what-if with a medley of characters and locations to show the scope of changes. Determination, loyalty, and intrigue come into play as the world resists this new future while the Fuehrer rises. In particular, Daniel Restarick struggles with guilt and mourns for the loss of his beloved wife until he is delivered one more chance. The fast-paced action sequences are intermixed with heartbreak and the sense that no one is to be trusted. Watch for this fascinating glimpse into history.

― H.E. Roulo, author of Fractured Horizon

World War When is a potent combination of speculative and historical fiction, rife with ideas and excitement. But, at its heart, it is a story about people, with genuine insight into how war and loss change us, for better or worse. 

― Kenton Hall, writer/director of A Dozen Summers and author of Bisection