Plague Master: Rebel Infection- Training to Fight Back by H.E. Roulo

Trevor is hailed as a hero for returning with a vaccine for the zombie infection. His celebrity also makes him a dangerous threat to the powerful Founders of his homeworld. Revolution is in the air, and Trevor is caught in the middle. He is forced to seek help on other worlds, but they are also struggling against the dangerous disease and the cure is staring to fail.

From Chapter 12 of Plague Master: Rebel Infection

On the day of their last training session, Gerd explained, “Martial arts works on zombies like anyone else. Zombies are built like people—”

“Are people,” Trevor interjected.

“Albeit with worse breath and poor balance,” continued Gerd with a scowl at Trevor. “But I haven’t been training you for zombies. I expect you can dodge a zombie. Don’t engage. It’s their numbers that are a problem, and that’s when your endurance comes into play. Don’t get cornered, keep moving. Find people and high ground. Climb things. Trees, if the planet has them.”

“It does,” Elena confirmed from the couch, still scanning her e-reader.

Gerd threw his sweaty towel at her for interrupting.

The dining area converted to a gymnasium, apparently to make users consciously choose between eating and exercising. Gerd pulled a candy bar from the stash Trevor had learned to keep aside while trying to get back up to a healthy human weight, and bit into it appreciatively. Trevor caught a whiff of chocolate.

“Enjoy the view now, ladies, for someday this will all be gone,” said Gerd, smacking his stomach as if it were a slab of meat hanging in a locker. He stripped off his black tank top.

Elena slowly rolled over, chin on the arm of the couch. “You sound like you look forward to it.”

Bars and resistance bands dangled near Gerd. He began a series of pull-ups, legs straight. “When I’m no longer working, I’m done with cardio. No more running. I’ll get a big beer gut out to here,” he dropped and held a hand way out before his bare abdomen, “like my father, and we’ll sit on the porch together.”

Elena rolled onto her back, sighing peacefully. “And, as night falls, you’ll play your guitar as you always wanted to.”

Gerd grunted, knuckles on the ground for pushups. “For ten years, I played in a band on Cerberon, before I retrained as a soldier, but I never was a great musician, merely good enough. Now, I’m not even that. Could you return to dancing?” he asked Sigrid, arresting her in the act of examining his guitar.

“I’d need to be Elena’s age again,” she admitted.

Gerd jumped to his feet. “Then, if we win, maybe Elena can learn to dance.”

Elena twirled in place. “I’d be so glad, who could stop me?”

The ship chimed, and the lights dimmed and rose to signal their approach to the asteroid belt surrounding Toknan.

While the others moved to the viewscreen wall, Trevor held Gerd back.

“If you didn’t train us for zombies, what did you train us for?” Trevor asked.


“You’ve had to fight people?”

“Son, Shailon isn’t the only place I’ve been stationed. I never liked it, and I learned what I wouldn’t do again.”

“Is that why you joined us instead of fighting against the revolution?”

Gerd’s eyes slid to Russ. “I might say, a kid has a right to fight for his world.”

He clucked his tongue and joined Sigrid.

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